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Create a blog before you cruise and
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Starting a blog at the first time can bring a feeling of much excitement. At the same time, there is also a fear of not knowing what you should know. No worries. You are not alone. Everyone experienced this fear of unknown. In this article, I will share blogging tips that I wished I knew before starting my first blog.

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Billions of blogs and websites are already out there, and yet many blogs are still created every single day. Why you should start a blog? If you ever wonder whether you should start a blog, why don’t you? I think there is nothing you lose. In this article, you will see my thoughts and experiences on blogging. 

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Stop online research or stop wondering whether your blog idea will be successful or not. Save your mental energy and time for building and designing your blog instead. If you are uncertain about your blog idea, check out the following 10 things. Then start your blog today. Make your day something special! 

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Getting Started Tailwind for Pinterest [Step by Step]

You may have heard of Tailwind as a great app for Pinterest. I knew about Tailwind for Pinterest before, but it took a while till I actually joined it. My experience with Tailwind is something more than just a Pinterest scheduler. You can use Tailwind for: Scheduling Pins Pinning at

Optimise Pinterest for Visitors

Pinterest SEO: How to Optimise Your Blog for Your Visitors

The ultimate goal of your Pinterest marketing is to be discovered by people who are looking for your great service. In order to achieve your goal, you need people to click on your Pin and visit your blog. This is the way to drive the traffic into your blog. When it

Red note, coffee and tulip for Pinterest inspiration

Pinterest SEO: Optimise Your Content for More Followers

Pinterest is a practical tool to drive traffic into your blog. Its potentiality is limitless if you use it properly. Optimise your content on Pinterest and make your boards and pins stand out. So that other pinners can easily find your content. Pinterest SEO is not complicated at all in

Create a Pinterest Business Account and Set Up Rich Pins

Rich Pins are one of the best things you can apply on Pinterest. Setting up Rich Pins will help you drive the traffic into your blog. Many bloggers and marketers are talking about Rich Pins but unfortunately the set up is not easy. In the early time of my blogging,

Pinterest Pastel Flowery Images

How Pinterest Works with Your Blog

Pinterest Works with Your Blog Pinterest is a great place to start for any new bloggers. What is Pinterest? You can generate the traffic at Pinterest and bring it to your blog for free! Pinterest is completely free. That’s really amazing! It has been a month since I started blogging at Cruise

Pinterest Starting a Blog

Plan a Blog: What Kind of Blog Should You Start?

Are you thinking of starting a blog? You might wonder what kind of blog you should start. Or you are uncertain whether your blog idea is going to be successful. To get the answer, you have done some research on your blog idea. The problem is that the more you